163 West Hastings, Suite 200
Vancouver, British Columbia

Short on cash and brainpower? NSERC's Industrial Scholarships and Fellowships can help you find fresh science and technology talent. The NSERC shared-cost progams can contribute up $4500 to cover a student's wages and help you:

* stretch your research dollars
* find highly qualified people
* accelerate your R&D program
* assess the suitability of potential employees
* train potential future employees
* collaborate with talented master's and doctoral students
* hire doctoral graduates at minimal cost
* hire top undergraduate students quickly and easily
* access specialized facilities and equipment

Drop by Bootup on March 29 to learn more about the program.

Coffee and pastries will be provided.

*Buzz 200 at the door and head up to the Hollyhock Boardroom located on the 3rd Floor*

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