1662 Barrington Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Podcasters and Podcast listeners are invited to attend a meet-up at The Granite Brewery (& Ginger's Tavern) on Sunday March 12 at 6pm. Mark Blevis, host of Electric Sky and co-host of The Canadian Podcast Buffet will be in town and is planning to attend the meet-up.

The Granite Brewery & Ginger's Tavern
1662 Barrington St.
Halifax, N.S.

If you have any questions please contact:
Bruce Murray [email protected]
or leave a message at (206) 495-6565

Registration is not manditory but is recommended and will help us know how many are planning to attend and also help us provide updates as the date grows nearer.

Hope to see you there, - Bruce
- -
Bruce Murray
Host of the Zedcast
[email protected]

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Sounds great, Bruce! I'll be the commandN.tv representative in attendance ;-) .
PS: Steve - you're pretty quick on the draw, my friend - I just got the email and signed up right away but you still beat me to it! :-)

Steve Dinn

Yeah, I'm speedy like that ;)


I am working a night shift that evening that starts at 7:00PM...but I am going to see what I can do.


doh! couldn't make it in this time :(