1101 Vermont Ave NW, Suite 600
Washington, District of Columbia 20005

Continuing the approach we started last month, we'll begin our meetings with a short introductory presentation on Ruby and Rails -- no experience necessary -- before getting into the more hardcore topics.

And, as always, we'll have an ample supply of free pizza for all attendees, so don't worry about eating dinner beforehand.

Here's the agenda:
* Intro to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Part 2 -- I'll be providing a gentle introduction to ActiveRecord, the library through which Ruby models are stored in your database
* IP law for programmers: NDAs, non-competes, copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc. -- what every developer needs to know about intellectual property, presented by Aaron Titus
* We'll be closing with "Code of Art" a presentation on algorithm-based visualizations, using Ruby and Processing

We always are looking for presenters, so if you have a topic or project on which you'd like to do a 15-minute presentation, please email me at joe at intridea.com and I'll add you to the list. If have presented before, you are welcome to give a presentation again. This is a great chance for some of you guys and gals lingering in the back of the room to share some of the cool things you are working on. Don't be shy -- you're among fellow geeks. :)

And, as always, we'll be heading around the corner to Post Pub, for a beer or two after the meeting, to unwind and socialize with fellow techies.

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/dcruby/calendar/11760722/

Added by josephgrossberg on November 1, 2009