Heathcote Street
Nottingham, England NG1 3AA

Dinner, drinks, entertaining speakers and fabulous company of fellow Girl Geeks! We've got Julie Greensmith PhD who researches immunology and computer security, as well as riding rollercoasters in the name of academic research coming along to tell us about what she's been up to. Gemma, the rollerskating, Jeremy Kyle-loving girl geek/software developer from 'oop North' will be coming along to run an interactive session on Test Driven Development vs. Behaviour Driven Development (or TDD vs. BDD for those in the know).

And it's sponsored by Esendex! http://www.esendex.co.uk for the UK site, or http://www.esendex.us/ for the US site.

Official Website: http://www.nottinghamgirlgeekdinners.co.uk/

Added by GemC on August 18, 2010

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