Sheffield, England

It's 8 miles long and involves around 550m of ascent. If you walked non stop, you could probably do it in 4.5 hours, but with lunch breaks and taking it easy, taking pictures and so on, it's more likely to be 6 hours.

You can also explore the route in Google Maps or Google Earth.


● This is a walk over terrain that requires more effort than a walk around the park.

● You'd be best served with proper walking boots that will keep your feet dry and comfortable and give you grip on rocks

● Having multiple layers of clothes is a good idea so that you can add and remove layers depending on how warm or cold you.

● Having waterproofs that you can wear over your clothes is a good idea - a lot of walking trousers / shorts are quick drying - jeans and other materials can become wet and stay wet which means they get heavy and uncomfortable

● Pack plenty of water and food. If you're walking for a long time your body uses a lot of energy. New food gives you energy back which you'll need as the day goes on. Water, even if you're not thirsty, keeps your body working properly - when you're dehydrated, you'll have less energy and the walk will seem like harder work than it really is.

Sorry if some of the above sounds like I'm trying to get you to suck eggs, but I don't want anyone to come along to this without realising what is involved. After this walk starts, there is nowhere to stop for refreshments, no proper shortcuts so you could find yourself three hours away from warmth, shelter and food.

Having said all that, the views are lovely, the terrain interesting and you'll come back tired after hopefully having a good long healthy day out!

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Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nottingham/discuss/72157606271671592/

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Unfortunately I'm going to be sunning myself on a Spanish beach on Saturday... Definitely next time though!