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A 8 or 9 mile walk in the White Peak.

Hi chaps,

Postcode for Sparklow - for satnav people: SK17 9QJ

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This should be a pleasant (and moderate) day out I think. Probably about 8 or 9 miles, with little ascent. I'd propose starting at the car park / picnic area at Sparklow (just to the west of the A515 - at junction with B5055, bimbling along the High Peak Trail (a disused rail line) to Arbor Low - a stone circle, then walking past Cales Farm and One Ash Grange Farm down into the wooded (and craggy) *western* end of Lathkill Dale. We would then process into Monyash to eat abundantly and enthusiastically at the rather excellent cafe. Finally a leisurely stroll back along a track (Hutmoor Butts()), across the A515 and back to the cars (I might, personally, carry on for a little loop to the west and south at that point if the light is nice, but that would be optional.)

I think that this will be a varied and relaxed walk with a variety of countryside, a moderately huge stone circle, green grass and stone walls and it should exceptionally well-suited to low winter sun. There will also be lots of wet noses. If you've been intimidated by the thought of the distance or ascent on any of the other walks, this would be a really good (gentle-ish) introduction. The cafe is stupendous and the company will, with the exception of myself, be scintillating, urbane, amusing and friendly. I'll have a bash at finding out the cost for car-parking - unattended, but near a pub - I suspect it'll be £3-4ish for the day. Bring change.

A glass of lemonade in the pub in Sparklow (Royal Oak) might also be an option at the end of the day.

We'll eat in the utterly splendid cafe, but bring snacks and fluids to suit your own needs.

I'll be keen to walk in all weathers, so a waterproof outer-layer is good.

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