Fairholmes, Bamford
Hope Valley, England S33 0AQ

NB: The Yahoo map linked from here and claiming to show the visitor centre is a little bonkers - Use this Google Map of Fairholmes instead.


The next walk is scheduled for Saturday 17th January 2009. We will, once again, start from the abundantly beducked Fairholmes visitor centre and car park (£3 all day) beside Derwent Dam - about 1.5 miles north of the A57.

Due to the limited daylight we need to start this walk at 9:30 am-ish. We should be back at the visitor centre ~3ish depending on how long we stop for photographs, food etc.

The walk itself is 16km (10 miles) long and involves 358m (1174' of ascent) and it is, therefore, probably less taxing than the Kinder or Alford walks. (The last ~3 miles are a flattish return along the eastern side of the reservoir.)

We'll need to bring our own food and drinks for consumption on the walk. (There is also a refreshments thingy at the visitor centre at the start/finish of the walk.)

The walk itself climbs to 538m, which is high enough to be blustery, cold, wet, wintry etc., so you'll need to have suitable clothes (waterproofs, fleece, hat, gloves etc.) and boots/footwear. On the last two walks waterproof over-trousers have been... distinctly advantageous ;-)

I'll be keen to get up and around in (pretty much) all weathers - but we can have a low level walk up our sleeves as well in case of unduly heavy showers of frogs, fish or blood etc.

The first half of the walk is across moorland with occasional gritstone outcrops/tors.

I've made a Google map which will, hopefully, be of some interest / utility.


Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nottingham/discuss/72157611444066710/

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To gain more even in walking or trotting, it is essential that you raise your elbows 90 degrees. Doing so, will work on your upper torso in a marvelous way; and even tone your arms! Anytime, here.


Spammers giving out fitness advise instead of trying to sell little blue pills!?!? Something's wrong... I feel like I'm about to be sucked into a vortex to a parallel universe!

Looking forward to this one gents, hopefully the weather will be kind-ish to us.