58 Dundas East
Toronto, Ontario

A place for GTA podcasters, podcast listeners and the curious public to meet, swap stories and hang out.

Added by electricsky on August 2, 2006



Awesome idea Mark! It'd be great to sit down again for another beer or two. Maybe somebody will record something this time... Oh wait, seems I've got audio of the last meetup in Toronto, but it's mostly me standing in front of the urinal.


Hey everyone. It's Joe here and I will be out of town that day. Maybe I can someone more interesting than me from the IndieCan team to come.

Sorry I can't make it.


Count 2 in attendance for ninja


Count me in! (Make it two of us.)


I'm not sure if I can make it. That day is my birthday, but if I'm not doing anything I'll come by for a drink.


Brent, come and celebrate it with us! I'll buy you a drink!


Going to try to make it.

Barry from Barrie

I'm so in!!!
Brent I'll buy you a drink as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Mark Be sure to bring your iRiver to record some stuff for the guys at CPB. I hear they missed the last meet-up.

Gregg Taylor

Yeah... I oughta be able to make it on the early side... will probably have to duck out before the serious carnage begins *sigh*


Will just be getting back from vacation but will try to be there!


I think I should be able to make it. Heather and Sam will be returning from Nashville that day, but I should be good to go.
Great pub by the way!



Sorry...have to miss this...have a gig to shoot a wedding today. Mail me about the next one though, in case Joe forgets. Gayle [email protected]


Doh...just reread the date...belay the last message I left...yeah..I will be there...Gayle


I'll be there tonight, but I may be arriving more around 8pm.

That cool? You kids still gonna be kickin' it?

Hope so. See you tonight.

Barry from Barrie

Hey Kids,
Sorry that I missed the meet-up. Had a family thing come up and couldn't get out of it.
see you all in October.