125,Gloucester Road
Brighton, England BN1 4AF

For the disappointed people who did not get into BarCamp Brighton comes Not-a-BarCamp.

Get yourselves down to The Eagle on this day at this time. No plans, just come and be geeky. Bring a dconstruct souvenir to identify yourself.

Add your name to the wiki to show your attendance.

Feel free to create new events and meetups. Promote them on Upcoming and on the wiki - http://notabarcamp.pbwiki.com/

Official Website: http://notabarcamp.pbwiki.com/

Added by rosiesherry on August 13, 2007



Is there a non-event for those of us who didn't get into BarCamp Brighton OR dConstruct?


This is the non-event for those who missed out on BarCamp.