27 Duolun Rd
Shanghai, Shanghai

Nostalgia will be screened again On Sep. 16 (SAT), 2:00 PM In Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art.

Much of the film follows Shu's own family, who first moved to the "Da Zhongli" complex from the countryside in the 1935. His grandmother, who had just married, was 16 at the time.

"My father loved the film. He was born in the house in 1936 and my parents lived with my grandparents but, according to the party, my grandfather was a capitalist, so his room, and art, was confiscated during the Cultural Revolution," said Shu.

The audience at the film's first screening loved it too, said Shu, and many of them cried. Although it won't reach the cinemas, there will be a number of public screenings at independent venues and Shu plans to release 5,000 DVDs for sale at around 20 yuan ($2.50) each.


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Went! It was good.

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