46 Surrey Street
Norwich., England NR1 3NY

Drinks and probably a meal with those from the web space in Healthcare and anyone else they know in Norwich.

Considering what happened last time, will we...

... find out if Richard can actually spin a coin now?
... have another mugging incident?
... end up at the Prince of India? (answer - yes!)
... cover Matt in more beer?

Want to find out? Then meet us at The Surrey Tavern on the 29th March at 5pm.

Whether you want to come for 1 drink or 10, I'm sure it'll be a good time.

Added by middlep on March 21, 2007



Can either Paul or Churchie handle a beer AND a curry?


Carl are you on commission!!...


Might be :)

Seriously though... Prince of India is decent but a bit old hat now. Spice Lounge is amazingly popular and most likely to do with decent quality of the dishes and ultra attentive service.


Carls not on a commission... he's just trying to improve his pagerank!


I'll join Kieron by sitting on the fence...

I'm due back in E. Anglia on Thursday, but will let you know in advance whether I can make it.

If I'm unable... Jeff/Matt - make sure you let me know next time you're about.


Matt fears change.

I've tried talking him into other places evertime.

It's drinks, curry, some dive like Brannigans, I go back to the hotel and he heads into town looking for men.

Ask him about the Chinese men he keeps contacting to visit him at Sprowston. It's all true.


The Prince of India is the finest and cheapest restaurant in town. Food quality is ACE.
And being such a good employee I always try and ensure I get good value for my expences. £25 goes a long way in that place. Usually 3 beers, two starters a side dish, nan and main!

Get off the fence and get in the pub!