2424 Main Mall
UBC, British Columbia

Dates: February 23rd (MooseCamp) and 24th (conference)
Location: UBC Forestry Sciences Centre (photos from Cyprien)

We're looking into options for lunch and will let you know. There will be space provided again for caregivers to self-organize childcare. Any other questions, comments? Let us know!

No ticket price currently available.

Official Website: http://2007.northernvoice.ca/

Added by stewtopia on October 28, 2006



Tickets are $50 CDN for both days, Camp on Friday, Conference on Sat


...and Big Dinner on Thursday night.


Don't have too much fun till Saturday. I have to present at another conference so can not make it till Friday night late. We need a big party on Saturday night as well.. Dicks anyone?


i'm getting excited! :)


Cant wait! Yea for Saturday.