12021 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 400
Reston, VA, Virginia 20190

Dave Thomas and Paul Barry will be speaking.

See http://www.novarug.org for more details.

I'm setting "Can attendees bring other guests?" to "No" because I'd like anyone coming to register individually. That will give us a more reliable head count, and that's important, because this meeting will be well attended and we need to see if we have enough room.

Official Website: http://www.novarug.org

Added by keithrbennett on April 11, 2008



5 more coming with me


@tigerfox: Those 5 people need to register. Sorry, but that's how we're keeping the head count.


I'll attent, possibly with another developer


ValentinaA -

Please read the full text of the announcement.

Any person wanting to attend needs to individually sign up. To sign up, click the "I'm Attending" button and log in (registering if necessary).


definitely interested in listening to this :)