36-40 Edge Street
Manchester, England M4 1HN

MadLab, here we come!

Here's the line-up for this month:

* Welcome and introductions
* Drupal news and upcoming events
* Eli's Fantastic Introduction to the Wonderful World of Profiling and Debugging like Real Grown Ups Do

Whilst client side tools such as Firebug and Webkit's Developer Tools can show you how long it is taking to request a page and all its dependencies, to work out why a particular php request took so long requires a little more introspection. We'll look at how you can use xDebug to generate profiliing files and then analyse them using KCachegrind to find your bottlenecks.

Whilst we're playing with xDebug, we'll also look at how you can integrate it into your development environment so you can pause page generation part way through a request, inspect and even change variables in scope and follow the path of execution step by step.

* Profiling and Debugging Q&A
* General Drupal Q&A
* Drupalcon Copenhagen round up (warning: may include holiday snap type photos)
* Close and pub

If anyone else would like to do a demo or give a talk let me know beforehand.

Admission is free and there will be the usual light refreshments provided by MabLab for a small (or large) donation.

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