453 South High St., Suite 101
Akron, Ohio 44311

The North East Ohio WordPress Meetup event is a gathering of folks who are interested in the open source project known as WordPress. Of course, it's not limited strictly to those who use the software but instead, is open to all who are interested in blogging, opensource, community, social media, podcasting, etc.

The meetup takes place in Akron, Ohio which is a great location as it sits between Cleveland, Canton and Youngstown.

The event on June 25th will feature a 15-25 minute presentation by Brian Layman of B5 Media providing information regarding website basics. Those who are looking to move from a hosted blogging service such as WordPress.com or Blogger to their own domain and hosting will benefit the most from this session. The venue where this event takes place can hold a maximum of 30 participants.

For more information regarding the venue including its location, check out http://www.officespacecoworking.com/

Photo taken by Love Not Fear

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You know you've made it to the right building when you see Selle Generator Works painted on the front of it.