1600 Melrose Ave
Seattle, Washington

So maybe you couldn't get your boss to spring for the ticket, airfare and hotel. Or maybe you're a panelist reject. Or you're just too cool for school to be in down in Austin this weekend.

If you are any of the above (or even if you're not) you're invited to the first ever NXNW meetup/drinkup. Come commiserate with other techies as we give a proper salute to the cool kids down at SXSW.

NOTE: we are not affiliated with any other NXNW event in the US(none of them are far enough North or West anyway :-P)

Added by jchenry on March 9, 2009



This is an AWESOME idea!

Bike Hugger


Here's a one-fingered salute back to you, in advance of Austin. Would have been snarkier and funnier if named, "not by Southwest." You plan on telling Seattle hipster jokes all night or presenting the panels that didn't get picked? There's a long history of sticking it to the man, at SXSW, good to see the tradition continue.


Did you miss the 'couldn't get boss to pay' and 'commiserate'. So sensitive!


yah, hipsters are like that ;-P


Oh man... 40 minutes to go!


Bummed that I just found out about this - next time alert the media! www.EastsideBusiness.com @EastsideBizNews


This year's event can be found here: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/5544904