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Shanghai, Shanghai

Born in London, the young Norman discovered his Djing ambitions as early as 8 years old. By the late seventies, Jay had become an avid collector of black American music. By now Jay had become a household name on the U.K dance scene and he was head hunted by Polygram to start a new label called “Talkin' Loud”. But after three very successful years, his increasing DJ commitments around the world drove him to follow his real passion,playing a wide range of dance and rare groove to ecstatic audiences everywhere.
Featured in Mixmag's top 100 Dj's in the world, One of the Face magazine's most influential club culture figures of the decade, Muzik Magazine acknowledging the influence and Djing accomplishments of the legendary Norman Jay as "A Raleigh Chopper fanatic, sound system supremo, founder member of Kiss FM, former Talkin loud guru, all round celebrity and man of the people? What more do you want?"

出生于伦敦的Norman Jay,音乐天赋早在8岁那年便初露端倪。70年代,Jay已经成为了美国黑人音乐收集中的佼佼者。今天,Norman Jay更是成了英国俱乐部景致中家喻户晓的名字。他建立起颇有威望的厂牌“Talkin’ Loud”,并带着让人狂热的黑人音乐走遍世界各大城市。作为《Mix Mag》选出的世界百大DJ之一,并被《Face Mag》评为十年来对俱乐部文化影响最深的人物,被巨大光环包围着的他,对于音乐界的贡献的确无可厚非。而因为打碟风格变化多端,Jay更被赋予了“国民DJ”的美誉。“俱乐部历史上的一块里程碑”,《Face Mag》如是说。

Male 120RMB, Female 80RMB After 2am 80RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm- 6:30am
门票:男士120元,女士80元, 凌晨两点后80元(畅饮时间晚8:30-凌晨6:30)

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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