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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
CLAGS LGBTQ Colloquium Series

Presented by CARLOS FIGARI, researcher, the National Council of Scientifi c and Technical Research and the Sexualities Research Group of the Gino Germani Research Institute, University of Buenos Aires; Professor at the University of Catamarca, Argentina.

This presentation offers a critical assessment of the intersections of “normalization” and questions of race, gender, and poverty. What is the “normality” being sought through recent policies by movements for sexual diversity and who is excluded as a consequence? Unraveling the problems and contradictions of these processes raises questions like: what is the signifi cance of these policies and why are they produced in cultural contexts of extreme homophobia; whose interests do these policies serve, explaining the Latin American paradox between the institutionalization of rights and cultural repression.

Room 9204, Graduate Center, 7-9 PM

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