East 47th Street
New York City, New York

Non-Violence: No Higher Calling – FREE EVENT March 30th at 2 pm

NYC stand up for non-violence! Join today's leading voice of non-violence
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for a day of meditation, music and nonviolence acts!

“The Wright brothers appeared crazy before they flew. I have this crazy
idea – a world without violence. With all the violence in the world this idea
may appear to be hoping for Utopia, but we need to dream, and we will get
there.” - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Non-Violence: No Higher Calling is a movement dedicated to making the
voice of non-violence louder. By re-glorifying non-violence and re-instilling
our pride in peace, we can address violence in our communities, our
homes, the media, and in schools.

For every act of violence, we will commit to 100 acts of non-violence.
And so we will reach a Billion Acts of Non-Violence. We are dedicating
ourselves to a peace so profound that it inspires everything we do: from
the games we play, to the words we speak, to the way we relate to
ourselves and our neighbors.

What does non-violence look like? It could be actions big or small - from
turning the other cheek in the vein of Gandhi and MLK to simply choosing
not to use offensive language or to choosing to play video games that
respect the value of human life.

The key fact is that these millions of actions by thousands of people will
create a shift in our being and bring an awareness to our core human
values that, in my opinion, has the greatest ability to shift the fabric of our

On March 30th this movement will be launched in New York City’s Dag

Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St and 2nd Ave) at 2:00pm by Global
Humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

You and your communities are invited. There is no admission fee.
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/582752185087629/

We invite you to join the movement: commit to
your own act of non-violence at www.nonvio.org/act
and share with friends and family - www.facebook/iamNONVIO.

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