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The Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) is pleased to welcome internationally acclaimed artist Ann Hamilton as artist in residence in its Nomadic Residents program, sponsored by Partners in Art.

Hamilton will visit OCAD from September 24 to 28, and present a free public lecture at OCAD on Wednesday, September 26, at 6:30 pm. During her residency, Hamilton will conduct a workshop for a new sound installation with OCAD Faculty of Art thesis students.

Ann Hamilton's work with textile media explores connections between visual art forms and language, including the spoken and written word, and human presence. Her work includes installations, photography, video, architecture, and performance. Hamilton's installations are often of such magnitude that they require the assistance of many volunteers or sometimes even the expertise of engineers, as in the case of her 1999 installation whitecloth at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut, in which she altered the architectural structure of the space. In many cases, the assemblage of the work is an essential part of the piece itself.

Hamilton's lecture is presented as part of Nomadic Residents, sponsored by Partners in Art, and Material Witness, developed by the Textile Museum of Canada.

Nomadic Residents - International Artist Residencies at OCAD
Nomadic Residents aims to inspire and influence the OCAD community by featuring artists from around the world whose work questions issues such as travel, mobility, displacement, dislocation, and homelessness, as well as the speed or instability of modern life. In bringing innovative and diverse artists to take up temporary residence at OCAD, Nomadic Residents will join here to there, the local to the global and the provisional and the permanent.

Nomadic Residents has been made possible through the support of Partners in Art, whose generous efforts raise awareness of national and international art through exciting collaborative art projects.

Official Website: http://www.ocad.ca

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