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I Walk Alone (1948, Paramount, 97 min.) RARITY!!! Never on VHS or DVD! A seminal film noir, thought lost, presented in a rediscovered 35mm archival print courtesy of Paramount, especially for NOIR CITY 5. Burt Lancaster plays a Prohibition era rumrunner who leaves prison to find his former partner (Kirk Douglas) now legit, and enjoying the spoils of their criminal enterprise. Can Lizabeth Scott keep his vengeance in check? Dir. Byron Haskin. Scr. Charles Schnee, from the play Beggars Are Coming to Town by
Theodore Reeves.

Kiss The Blood Off My Hands (1948, Universal, 79 min.) RARITY!!! Never on VHS or DVD! War profiteering, 1940s style is the backdrop of this British-based noir, in which a Yank (Lancaster) goes on the run after killing a man in a pub. Joan Fontaine is his salvation, Robert Newton his nemesis. Dir. Norman Foster (Woman on the Run). Scr. Leonardo Bercovici, from the novel by Gerald Butler (On Dangerous Ground). Presented in a brand new 35mm print courtesy of Universal.

Official Website: http://www.noircity.com/nc5-program-pg2.html

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