1001 SW 5th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205

I haven't decided what coffee shop to have it at this time. Any suggestions?

One of the worst parts about networking are the individuals that use the events to pitch their products and services. We all know that is part of the deal when networking but it can be highly annoying. Because the focus of this site is on peer advice between small business owners, PortlandSmallBusiness.com is starting a series of weekly "No Pitch" coffee networking events around town. These are intended to be very informal meetings. You show up, order your coffee and you talk with other small business owners. I plan to alternate between coffee shops around inner Portland and if it gets too big, I'll find a bigger space.

Official Website: http://www.portlandsmallbusiness.com

Added by SandFly on June 23, 2008



How about the Urban Grind coffee house in the Pearl?


I'd already told some people that it is going to be at Cafe Viale. The next one will be at Urban Grind.