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The best technically focused vendor free Java/Agility conference is
coming to Toronto on October 20-22nd. Join us for an exceptional
conference experience! (Special XP Toronto User Group Discount Available)

Events: Greater Toronto Software Symposium 2006
URL: www.nofluffjuststuff.com/sh/2006-10-toronto
Venues:Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport
Dates: October 20-22nd

What makes for a great technical conference?

* Excellent Speakers
* Timely, relevant topics
* Lack of Marketecture - "Fluff"
* Small Size - insure high level of interaction between

The 2006 Greater Toronto Software Symposium has all of the above!

GTSS 2006 (www.nofluffjuststuff.com/sh/2006-10-toronto)
will have over forty different sessions to choose from featuring
coverage on Core Java, Client-side Java, Server-side Java,
Architecture and Agility. Experience a conference where the
technical focus/presentation is the priority. You will not see any
fluffy marketecture at GTSS 2006. Since the attendance
for GTSS 2006 is capped at 200 people, you will have
the opportunity to interact with speakers and fellow attendees
in a unique, welcoming environment. GTSS 2006 is
a stop on the No Fluff Just Stuff 2006 Tour which will be in
over twenty-five (25) cities this year both U.S. and Canada.
Since 2002, the No Fluff Just Stuff Java Symposium Series
has delivered over eighty (85) events with some 14,500 attendees.

Here's a look at some of GTSS 2006's presenters:

*Venkat Subramaniam, co-author of "Practices of an Agile Developer"
*David Hussman, Agility Expert
*David Geary, co-author of "Core JSF"
*Ted Neward, author of "Effective Enterprise Java"
*Andrew Glover, co-author of "Java Testing Patterns"
*Scott Davis, author of "Pragmatic GIS"
*Colin Sampaleanu, Core Spring Developer
*Nathaniel Schutta, co-author of "Foundations of Ajax"
*Neal Ford, author of "Art of Java Web Development"
*Mark Richards, author of "Java Transaction Design Strategies"
*Bruce Tate, co-author of "Spring Developer's Notebook"
*Colin Sampaleanu, Core Spring Developer
*Clinton Begin, Creator of the iBATIS Data Mapper
*Ramnivas Laddad, author of "AspectJ in Action"
*Floyd Marinescu, co-founder of Infoq.com

Individual: $775/person USD rate good thru 9/25/06, after $875/person
Special $50 Toronto XP User Group discount is available by using the
code, nfjsusergroup50

Group Rates: good thru 9/25/06
5-9 Attendees: $700/person
10-14 Attendees: $675/person
15-24 Attendees: $650/person
25-over Attendees: $625/person

Official Website: http://www.nofluffjuststuff.com/sh/2006-10-toronto

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