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No Flash? No Problem.
How to build an experience for all types of users (human or otherwise).

There's a long list of common complaints about the use of Flash, but many of the criticisms just aren't true. Detractors say that Flash isn't search engine friendly; Screen readers can't understand Flash content; You can't deeplink to specific pages...

You know what? They're wrong. These criticisms are symptoms of misunderstanding by developers on the ways different technologies work together.

This workshop will show you how to take a higher level approach focusing on user experience. We'll break down each common critique of Flash, one at a time, and show you how to address them in your work. Attendees will learn how to use HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, XML and Flash to compliment each other in creating the most meaningful experience to the widest audience range.

The goal is to feel comfortable making decisions about when and how to use Flash appropriately and to gracefully degrade immersive experiences for Flash disabled devices (like iPhones and iPads).

Official Website: http://www.refreshpittsburgh.org/workshop/

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