Arrow Street and Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

by Jean-Paul Sartre
translated by Stuart Gilbert
directed by Jerry Mouawad
scenery by Jerry Mouawad
costume design by Rafael Jaen
lighting design Kenneth Helvig
sound design by David Remedios

No Exit revolves around three recently deceased strangers who find themselves locked in a drawing room. All have led extravagant, quasi-criminal lives: Estelle is a nymphomaniac who drove her lover to suicide when she killed their illegitimate child; Inez is a lesbian who drove her cousin's wife to suicide; Garcin is a militant pacifist who betrayed his own cause and was shot while attempting to escape. Now all three are trapped together for eternity, prisoners in an endless love triangle that forms their own private hell. Jean-Paul Sartre's classic thriller is part philosophical melodrama, part farce; Jerry Mouawad's stylish production sets the stage in a maddeningly unstable world -- where the three inmates must literally fight to retain their footing with every step.

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