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EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS: If you book by 9th May 07 (and make payment within 7 days) prices are as follows - £345.00 / £245.00. An unmissable deal!

Yes, it's that time again - NMK's annual get-together to discuss the business and digital issues of the day, the year, the age! NMK Forum 07 will act as a melting pot of the essential strategies for commercial success in a digital age. Senior executives and decision-makers, creatives and technologists will grapple with the challenges created by digital media, marketing and entertainment. NMK Forum 07 is a unique opportunity to not only hear from the thought leaders in this area, but to network with the cream of the UK's digital media industry.

The event website contains all the details of the speakers and schedule, plus some background to the issues we'll be looking into.

The Issues:

How can businesses now realistically start to leverage benefits from the boom in social networking and user generated content (UGC) sites?
What kind of impact do current trends and innovations have on the media, marketing and advertising industries?
Will UGC stay the distance, or will professionally produced content win out in the end?
Up For Discussion:

- Media and Advertising: New platforms for media and advertising - entertainment - video and TV 2.0 - connected consumers and the new metrics of measurement in the attention economy - mobile as a media entity.
- Marketing and Brands: Brand strategy in the digital economy - branded media and brand-owned communities - digital marketing, behavioural targeting, personalisation - the future for search - mobile as a marketing platform.
- Commerce: Monetising the consumer and the consumer monetising us - rewarding the consumer for attention.
- Technology: Web 'X.0' - the UK's top tech start-ups - web models that work - virtual worlds as web 2.0
- Mobile: Flat rate mobile data access and the end of the walled garden - location based media - entertainment and games.

Why Attend:

- Understand the latest trends in the media and content landscape and hear about the latest innovations
- Find new ways to communicate with and reach customers
- Get your business up-to-date
- A chance to meet, discuss and network with thought-leaders and peers from across the content and media industries.

A Real Forum:

This event will give delegates the opportunity to hear predictions for the future of online content from industry leaders as well as provide a practical basis for discussion and debate. During the sessions you will be able to contribute via live blogging and also good 'old fashioned' face-to-face interaction. NMK also offers you a chance to influence the content of the day by providing a facility on its Forum 07 website to contribute comments, ideas and questions that can be put to the panels. Sponsors and industry partners will be able to 'showcase' their innovations at stations around the sessions...and a cabaret style seating arrangement means that you will be able to unload all your portable technology (!) onto the table in front of you and to arrange meetings over lunch and during breaks. This will be a highly inspiring day for all.


- Jyri Engeström is co-founder of jaiku.com, a mobile docial software startup. He is also Founder and Vice-Chairman of Aula Network, a nonprofit to advance the vision of a creative society. Jyri incubated start-ups at Tera Group, a venture capital partnership, and co-founded ShiftControl, an online recruiting company based on friend-to-friend referrals. -
- Dan Gillmor is director of the Center for Citizen Media, a nonprofit affiliated with the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University Law School. Dan is author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People (2004; O’Reilly Media), and is working on a new book about media in the digital age.
- Jason McCabe Calacanis was appointed “Entrepreneur In Action” in December 2006 at Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firm. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Weblogs, Inc., a network of popular weblogs that was sold to AOL in November 2005. Jason was named senior vice president upon joining AOL where he later became general manager for the Netscape brand and engineered the re-launch of Netscape as a social bookmarking news site in July 2006.
Further speakers to be announced imminently so stay tuned!
For further details on this exciting event and to contribute to the day please visit: www.nmkforum.co.uk

Should you wish to sponsor or get involved with this innovative event please contact: [email protected]

Please note: entrance to the Forum will be by pre-paid ticket only.

Official Website: http://www.nmkforum.co.uk/

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Attendees might also want to come along to the Geek Dinner the previous night, where Jyri Engestrom and Jason Calacanis, among others, are going to be attending.