1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

In this session we take a look at the following topics: Semantic Social Networks, Publishing on the Real Time Web and the role of Natural Language Processing and the Semantic Web

Natural Language Processing and the Semantic Web
Stuart Robinson - Research Engineer, Powerset/Bing

The vision of the Semantic Web requires that data on the web be formally structured with explicit markup. However, far more data exists on the web as free text than as structured data. Whereas producing markup of text through traditional means is costly and error-prone, NLP holds the promise of converting this vast sea of information to more structured form. We will discuss two areas where NLP bears on the semantic web: the automatic construction of semantic web markup from free text, and natural language as a search interface to semantic web data. We will give a brief overview of a natural language processing pipeline, which transforms plain-text sentences into structured triples suitable for search and indexing, and also demonstrate an "instant answer" search interface which makes structured queries against a web-scale database on the basis of typical user queries.

Semantic Social Networks
Marco Neumann, KONA
Publishing on the Real-Time
Bill Flitter, CEO & Founder, Dlvr.it

The real-time web has the potential to disrupt and fundamentally shift the way we communicate and publish on the web.
In this session Bill Flitter will answers the following questions:
• What is the real-time web? Is it the next big thing?
• What is the business model for publishers on the real-time web?
• What companies are shaping the real-time web?
• Will the real-time web be disruptive for publishers?

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