26 Store Street
London, England WC1

London's Future Workplace series

"As part of NLA's Workplace series, Philip Ross, CEO of The Cordless Group will look at the 'empty building', a near future vision where all applications and data is stored 'in the cloud' - new data centres - and the office building becomes empty, devoid of almost all technology except thin clients and connectivity. This changes the need for cooling, power and voids, but also opens up a more fundamental debate about what our future buildings are for. The assumption is a place to bring people, but even here with new research that will be presented, some of our assumptions will need to be challenged. The 'Facebook' workplace will look very different."

Official Website: http://www.newlondonarchitecture.org/event.php?id=43&name=londons_future_workplace_breakfast_talk

Added by nico_macdonald on August 10, 2009