300-247 Abbott St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

The second Nitobi Hack Day will be happening on Feb 9, 2008 from 10am to 6pm. You can come and start hacking at 9 things will officially start at 10am SHARP! Of course you can always come by later and if you don't know anyone just ask for someone that works at Nitobi to show you the ropes.

The event is meant to bring hackers from around Vancouver to the Nitobi office and dedicate a day to building something amazing! That something can be hardware, software or whatever. The hacking is generally focused on Ajax (of course), social networking (Facebook apps anyone?), wireless (Joe and I got this covered), AIR / Flex, and web development in general - of course the hacking can still be robotics, Wii hacks or whatever you think is cool.

Nitobi will provide the foosball, beer, prizes (like books, shirts, software and an IPod Nano) and you provide the hax0r skillz.

Be there!

Official Website: http://nitobihackday.pbwiki.com

Added by davejohnson on January 24, 2008