300-247 Abbott St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Nitobi Hack Day is happening on Feb 7, 2009 from 10am to 6pm.

This is not a contest: it is a competition however. And the competition is fierce. Show up late and your chances of success are less than a startup finding funding in Vancouver (ha ha ha). Just kidding. Late arrivals are welcome!

The event is meant to bring hackers from around Vancouver to the Nitobi office and dedicate a day to building something kick ass. Hacks can be hardware based. Software based. Or (even better) both. We ask that self aware systems do not sport armed weapons. Weapons are cool: but lets keep it safe folks. For example, if you build a robot with a flamethrower face please ensure the flamethrowing face is not active (in our office). Your cooperation is appreciated!!!

A big theme at Nitobi lately has been casual gaming and mobile applications. We don't want to weight your thinking but special consideration will likely be given to apps utilizing PhoneGap and/or people who bring bottles of scotch.

Nitobi will provide the foosball, beer, prizes (like books, shirts, software and an IPod Nano. You provide the hax0r skillz.

Be there!

Official Website: http://nitobi.com

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