107 Suffolk St (at Rivington)
New York City, New York

For its 5th anniversary, Psycho Clan decided that NIGHTMARE should actually be about nightmares so, as in years past, it conducted an online poll about its audience’s recurring bad dreams—and thousands responded! The creative team then selected the most twisted, demented responses, added some iconic recurring nightmares, and created a house that will force audiences to experience awake what few can handle asleep. With more special effects, more elaborate sets, and more evil baddies waiting to get you then ever before, NIGHTMARE: BAD DREAMS COME TRUE will bring your worst night terrors to screaming life.

In celebration of its fifth year at the same venue, a SECOND terrifying haunted attraction has been created: NIGHTMARE LEGENDS, a classic haunted house from back-in-the-day, with a carnie feel and a cast of legendary horror characters: Werewolf, Blob, Zombie, Vampire, Witch, Frankenstein, Mummy and a maniac with a chainsaw!

Official Website: http://hauntedhousenyc.com/

Added by folkie on September 15, 2008