2136 NW 1st Ave.
Miami, Florida 33127

Psycho Clan conducted an online poll of people’s paranormal experiences, took the creepiest collected stories and campfire tales and crafted an exceptional ghostly experience from them. Each of the 18 rooms features a different spirit — apparitions, phantasms, possessions and more — all waiting to inflict a unique brand of fear on the unwary.

In addition to the haunted house there are two other hair-raising attractions that will keep your heart racing: Nightmare: Old School is a smaller haunted attraction filled with classic horror icons like zombies, vampires, Frankenstein and other haunted-house fixtures you remember from your neighbor’s garage! Finally, Mortuary is a fun, immersive experience set in a funeral parlor where the dead put the living to rest.

Nightmare: Ghost Stories is a three-event attraction so steeped in horror that only the full outdoor bar can calm the nerves and steady the spirits.

If you get goosebumps just listening to a ghost story, imagine how frightened you’ll be when you’re in one!

Official Website: http://www.nightmaremiami.com/

Added by folkie on September 15, 2008