775 Lafayette Road, Rt. 1
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

NH Tweeps deserve to TweetUp too!

Come join fellow NH Tweeps and maybe some of the dedicated Boston Tweeps who are willing to make the drive (come on, it's only an hour) for some quality networking, nachos and MARGARITAS ("I said no salt...no salt")

Added by cmajor2 on January 1, 2009



Hi Everyone!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Margarita's on 1/15. If anyone needs a ride or wants to carpool, please leave a comment here. There have been a few people that have offered.



Yes Let's start the year off green & carpool. Plus me I don't like to drive. I will pay for gas ;-) Who's with me?


Where are you coming from? It's only about 40 minutes from where I live.


Woot! can't wait to meet new tweeps and hang with friends to celebrate the New Year!


So is there a secret handshake or just tell the person we are here for a TweetUp?haha. First timer...


BostonBrian -ha, ha - no secret twitter handshake, but that would be a good idea. You will just know who we are or we will look out for the guy that seems a bit lost :) See you Thursday!


20 minutes from where we live. Sue's coming too.


Anyone can come with me. I'll be leaving from my office in Beverly. Might also leave from my home in Lynnfield... depends on how much I get done at work.


I will be LATE, I have a chamber meeting first in another town, but I will be there.


Hi Everyone!

I am thrilled with the number of people who signed up to come and those that said they were coming. This is going to be fun!

I called Margarita's and they are holding a room for us in the restaurant so we don't offend anyone else in the place and we can mingle.

I also found out that it is ladies night in the bar area so that should be fun!

When you arrive, you can ask for the Twitter Group or Christine Major.

Can't wait to see/meet you all.


Total bummer, will be in VT on Thursday. Have fun !!


Cool it should be fun!


BTW I'll be bringing @acummings and @acemaker along. I don't know if you're keeping a head count.


Monimcg - excellent! I appreciate you letting me know! We have a very nice crowd planning on attending.


Look's like I won't be able to go tomorrow. I have a networking event the Mayor is putting together for a launch that's happening next month for Boston World Partnerships (http://bostonworldpartnerships.com/)

Take Plenty of pics!!


@JoselinMane - oooh the Mayor - yeah whatever!
We will miss you very much!


Hi Everyone...

So I have to be in a meeting in Waltham, MA until 5pm and then will be making my way during rush hour to Portsmouth. I might be a bit late to the event - boooo.

When you get there, just tell them you are with the Twitter group or Christine Major. We will be in the smaller section of the dining room.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Christine @cmajor


Great night! Thanks for putting it together for us. My pictures have been uploaded to Facebook at http://tinyurl.com/7lnkzf';


That was so much fun! Thanks for organizing it! My photos are over here: