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Banff, Alberta, Alberta

Last year over $13 million in new business deals were generated during nextMEDIA—Canada’s premiere event for content producers, media executives and Web entrepreneurs.

But if that’s not enough to convince you then here are three more reasons why nextMEDIA is the event to attend.

1. Tactical sessions that help you execute your digital media strategies

Learn how multi-platform properties are packaged and sold. Find out who the buyers are, and what they’re looking for. Learn how to package your “ask” and incorporate key negotiation points that result in a sale.

. Panel discussions that introduce you to the people and products that are making a difference in new and emerging markets

Meet some of the biggest players working in broadcast, mobile and publishing in India. With a large and growing population, Indian has both the market size and know how to become a key content partner.

3. Presentation that teach you how to leverage new technologies

Find out how to leverage cloud computing technologies to host and distribute your digital entertainment properties from Amazon.com. Understand how cloud computing it will impact your audience’s ability to experience your content and change current distribution channels.

Official Website: http://www.nextmediaevents.com/fdc/

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I was almost convinced, but gave up because I couldn't find #2. Boris, you get a Numbering Fail.


Ha. Cut and paste error.