326 Galvez Street
Stanford, California 94305

Ori Cohen, Founder, Skyrider
Mitchell Davis, Former CEO of Massive, Inc., Massive
Mark D. Kvamme, General Partner, Sequoia Capital
Brian Fitzgerald, President & Co-founder, Gorilla Nation
William Urschel, CEO, AdECN
Online Registration: https://www.vlab.org/site/register/
Tickets $35 / $40 at door
This forum will examine new ways online ad inventory is being created and sold. We will feature three exciting companies (SkyRider, ADECN and Gorilla Nation) as well as insights from top industry experts.

We live in a world where digital advertisers are increasingly limited by the availability of quality online inventory. In response, there has been a surge of entrepreneurs devising new distribution models to extend inventory or eliminate existing inefficiencies inherent in ad networks. Early on, some of these innovative startups have been snapped up by bigger players as evidenced by recent acquisitions of Massive by Microsoft and dMark by Google. Radio, video, mobile phones, shopping malls, games, billboards, and peer-to-peer networks are just some of the innovative distribution alternatives surfacing -- all focused on taking a piece of the growing online advertising pie.

This event will feature several exciting companies including:
Skyrider: This Sequoia Capital-backed start-up allows content owners to include ads in video files over peer-to-peer networks. While initially some P2P networks were involved in illegal file-sharing, today many P2P client applications (file sharing, instant messaging, internet telephony applications, software updates) are transitioning to legal, pay-per-song or advertising-sponsored models that fairly compensate copyright owners. Representing over 60% of all Internet backbone traffic, P2P networks are now viewed as the next global channel for content distribution and targeted marketing because of advantages in computing power and distributed bandwidth capabilities that reduce the costs practically to zero.

AdECN: A start-up producing the first real-time, auction-based exchange for online display advertising. It works much like a stock exchange, AdECN aims to solve the transitory supply and demand problems ad networks face. A member of the AdECN exchange buys on the exchange for its advertisers and sells on the exchange for its publishers.

Gorilla Nation: The largest online advertising sales representation company, Gorilla Nation exclusively handles media sales for over 400 high traffic, high quality websites in select vertical markets.

Please join us as our distinguished panelists discuss the issues, opportunities, and innovative approaches in online advertising.

Official Website: http://www.vlab.org

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