The Embacadero
San Francisco, California 94107

The NewTeeVee and Metacafe Pier Screenings summer series is a live extension of, showcasing online video technology and content in an outdoor movie screening format. Community-chosen selections of the best web videos from the Pier Screenings website will be projected on a large screen on an outdoor pier in San Francisco.

We’re closing out our summer San Francisco Pier Screenings series on August 29, and are bringing the event back to the pier. For the month of August, we're soliciting your contributions in the category of "citizen news." What does that mean? Any non-fiction, short-form video you've created that tells a story about something out there in the universe.

Could be a documentary, could be a news spot, could be an interview, could be a cellphone-cam clip of an important event. Please keep it under five minutes and make sure you own the rights. We're looking for compelling videos that showcase a unique perspective or analysis.


We’ll be judging the videos this month based on number of views, votes cast, and stars received on the NewTeeVee Pier Screenings site. So how do you submit? Upload your original video to the Pier Screenings site (directions here). The top six videos will be shown at the live event on August 29 on a large 16-foot outdoor screen at a pier in San Francisco. The live audience at the event will choose the top three winners for the night. Metacafe will promote the top three audience winners from the live event on its front page, and Fabrik will be giving away high capacity hard drives (think 1 terabyte).

The submission process is rolling, so submit early to increase the possibility of people seeing, liking, and starring your video. To sweeten the deal, our platinum sponsor,, will mail out promo packs for first 30 videos submitted. The packs include a webcam for you to create more citizen news videos and two t-shirts.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the event on Eventbrite. And if you’d like to join Metacafe,, Fabrik, and vod:pod in sponsoring the event, please contact Joanne Wan (joey at gigaom dot com).

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