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Bringing Online Video from the Little Screen to the Big One

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Online video is great, but it’s such a solitary experience. This summer the NewTeeVee team is going to try a little experiment — getting us off our butts and around from behind our screens.

The NewTeeVee and Metacafe Pier Screenings summer series is a live extension of NewTeeVee.com, showcasing online video technology and content in a movie theater screening format. Community-chosen selections of the best web videos from the Pier Screenings website will be projected on a large screen at San Francisco's Sony Metreon Action Theater (note new venue this month!).

THEME - "When Content Becomes Advertising."
This month’s theme is the intersection of content and advertising. What’s that mean? Well, online video creators are doing their best to prove that old techniques for creation and distribution of content aren’t the only way. Commissioned user-generated ads, endorsements and sponsorships, and product placement are sometimes controversial extensions of that innovation to monetization.

We have a fantastic team of judges from the advertising and content worlds.

This month's speaker will be Greg Goodfried, one of the creators of Lonelygirl15. He will be speaking on his team's efforts to monetize their hit internet series by utilizing methods such as product placement, to the extent of including a sponsored character from Neutrogena.

Joining us as a judge is Misha Cornes, director of strategy at Organic, the digital marketing agency. As part of his duties, Cornes edits the company blog, ThreeMinds.

Also, we’ve got Tim Street, a frequent commenter on NewTeeVee and a guy who’s taking advertorial to a whole new level with his French Maid TV.

The six videos shown at the event are chosen from those submitted to Pier Screenings website (http://screenings.newteevee.com). Visit the Current Screening section and assign each video you watch however many stars you think it deserves. The videos with the highest substantial number of ratings will be shown.

Check out the NewTeeVee post with submissions details -

Official Website: http://newteevee.eventbrite.com

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Dustem Offman

Dang. I didnt get to go. So, how did it go??? Post some pix, somebody!