330 Ritch Street
San Francisco, California


NYPC's first gig in SF @ Popscene!
There are no advance tickets available for this show.
Doors open @ 9:30 pm.

Added by solsken on November 1, 2006



so...is it going to be a crazy crowded scene?


I just got back. Their show was great accept the lead singer had some sort of sickness so they only played 5 songs!@!$#$@ It was enjoyable non the less. And impressive crowd in full 80s gear. Playing one of my all time favorite movies, pump up the volume. With my idol, Christian slater. But we can talk about that later.

On a good note, I met some guy on my walk down howard who is willing to let me borrow his vinyl so I can mix down an electroclash-ish set. good stuff...

Really my plan was to start a quest of buying up vinyl of 2001 era, but then came to the realization how difficult that would be... an alternative is burning stuff to cd to mix them on cdjs. but something just feels right about the way final scratch(et al) give the taste of vinyl. though the price is a bit intimidating...

we'll see...


I agree, they rocked! It was a short but really strong set! The people watching was indeed excellent! These guys have a very bright future ahead of them.


Ditto. Great show, albeit a bit short. Can't wait to see what these guys do next.