1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

New York's sickest and slickest dirty house producers. Their new compilation "Best of Dirty Dirty House Vol. 2" is the soundtrack to all the beats that go bump in the night. And who better to mix Dirty Dirty House Vol. 2 then Astro & Glyde -- the DJ/producer duo John Digweed has labeled "the sleazy sound of New York". Get nasty. Get funky. Get dirty. Dirty Dirty House!

纽约双人组Astro & Glyde是现今最火的浩室制作人,他们的"Best of Dirty Dirty House Vol. 2"是一张能让你彻夜舞动的纽约夜精选。连John Digweed都大声称赞只有他们的音乐能代表纽约!六月份这个纽约月 BonBon把最好的全部一网打尽!

Male 120RMB, Female 80RMB After 2am 80RMB ; OPENBAR 8:30pm- 6:30am
门票:男士120元,女士80元 凌晨两点后80元(畅饮时间晚8:30-凌晨6:30)

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