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'The Sorcerer' tells the tale of a respectable English shopkeeper who just happens to sell authentic sorcery products. In a quaint English village, a young military officer, Alexis, decides to purchase a love potion from the sorcery peddler in order to distribute it to the entire town, forcing everyone to fall in love with the first person he/she sees, except for married folks of course. Once everyone has partaken of the potion all sorts of mismatches occur, including Alexis' noble father with a common pew opener, a noble lady with the sorcerer himself, and eventually Alexis' own fiancee with the lovable village vicar. Even the well meaning, but misguided, Alexis is unhappy with this situation, so the sorcerer agrees to forfeit his own life to set things back the way they were - disappearing magically as part of his sacrifice to the delight of all.

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