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Moira Tierney: Selected Works
Wednesday - February 21, 2007 - 7:00 pm - $7.00
The Tank - 279 Church Street - New York, NY - 10013 - www.thetanknyc.org

New York Experimental, The Tank’s monthly experimental film and video screening series, is pleased to present an evening of works by Dublin born and Brooklyn based filmmaker Moira Tierney. In addition to a selection of her previously acclaimed films spanning 1999-2006, the program will feature her latest work, Liberty Kids (2006).

Over the past decade Tierney has produced over twenty-two films (including Super-8mm loop installations), ranging from dynamic personal portraits to socio-political visual commentaries. Tierney’s work has been screened extensively throughout the world in such festivals as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Anthology Film Archives, Ocularis, the New York Underground Film Festival, Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, San Francisco Art Institute, Rooftop Films, the International Edinburgh Film Festival and the London Film Festival among numerous others.

Matilda Tone
(2005, 16mm, color, sound, 25:00 minutes)
How was it for you, Mrs. Tone? Love and revolution in a Brooklyn graveyard...a collision of 18th and 21st century body politics. Martha Witherington was born in Dublin in 1775. She eloped with future revolutionary Theobald Wolfe-Tone (who renamed her Matilda) at 16, lost him to a British prison at 23, spent 20 years fending for herself and their one remaining son in post-revolutionary Paris and ended her days at the head of a 3-generation household in Washington DC, outliving two husbands and three children. With the restoration of her tombstone in 1998, Matilda's story finally reached the light of day. Music by Susan McKeown & Eamon O'Leary

Tiger Me Bollix
(2000, 16mm, color, sound, 3:30 minutes)
Winnie Collins and Gang whoop it up beside the caravans where they live in Dublin's South Docks. Music by Andrew Lampert.

You Can't Keep A Good Snake Down
(2000, 16mm, color, sound, 4:00 minutes)
For a long time Saint Patrick has been touted as the redemptor of Pagan Ireland: the man who rid the country of its snake population. We felt it was time to redress this historical imbalance and give the snakes their due. It's all in the Eye of the Chameleon. With Masha Godovannaya.

Radio Haiti
(2001, 16mm, color, sound, 4:00 minutes)
New York's Haitian community take it to the bridge to protest a year of mortal policing, Easter 2000.

American Dreams #3: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness
(2002, 16mm, color, b&w, sound, 5:00 minutes)
What happens when the smoke clears? One of the most remarkable sights was the mass movement of people, on foot, along highways usually reserved for motorized traffic. The Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, as well as the FDR Drive, which runs along the East River from lower to upper Manhattan, became human rivers with an unhurried but steady flow and no end in sight. Music by Charlemagne Palestine.

Morzh (Walrus)
(2001, 16mm, sound, color, 3:00 minutes)
Moscow tower block polar bear.

The Boys Are Back in Town
(2000, 16mm, b&w, silent, 1:30 minutes)
Max Roach & Cecil Taylor at Columbia University, New York.

Liberty Kids
(2006, 16mm, sound, 5:30 minutes)
Filmed by Moira Tierney with the children of 4th class, St. Audoen’s Primary School, Dublin. This film is the result of a Super-8mm workshop. The children chose the images and sounds; the film-maker subsequently edited the footage and completed the film. The Liberties is a low-income area of Dublin’s inner city. St. Audoen’s is a public school with very meager _esources – but one very energetic teacher who hosted the workshop, which took place during her regular classroom hours.

American Dreams #1 & #2
(2001, MiniDV, sound, color, 3:00 minutes)
The first two installments of a continuing saga: Lust for Wander & Running Free.

(2003. MiniDV, color, sound, 3:00 minutes)
Hot grainy tightrope walkers, Chinese acrobats, Russian human towers and an inverted Wall of Death. Music by Dalius Naujokaitis.

Ride City
(1999, Super 8 on MiniDV, color and b/w, sound, 10 minutes)
The twin-screen battle for survival of Dublin's inner-city Smithfield Horse Market.
Music by Giles Packham

For more information on the work of Moira Tierney please visit: www.moiratierney.net
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