1621 12th Ave N.E.
Seattle, Washington

On New Year's Eve, surrounded by exquisite original artwork, you melt into the music which carries you through multiple rooms of mystery and merriment to explore the contrast between Light and Dark.

An IOSIS Art Party and Body Systems Dark Art Party

@ Capitol Hill Arts Center

1621 12th Ave

Seattle, WA 98122

Tickets are $75 VIP and $25 1st tier (limited time offer):


For an even better view, $75 VIP will get you access to private lounges with an aerial view, free champagne, complimentary coat check, and a gift bag full of surprises including CDs. Limited tickets so purchase soon!

Tickets also available via:

9pm to 3am

Special midnight performances!

Personal Divination Readings

21+ welcome


In the IOSIS Art Party Showroom:

Jay Selway (JOOF Recordings, Iboga Records, Soular Records - Baltimore) is no newcomer to the electronic music community. With a DJ career extending more than a decade, he's held residencies at several major clubs inclucing Cubik/ Buzz @ Nation (DC), Sonar (MD) and Five (DC). Having organized countless one off events and club nights, he was also responsible for kick-starting the underground trance scene in the DC/Baltimore area. He's also headlined alongside world renowned DJs and live acts, and has been featured on various radio shows such as The Essential Mix on Radio One, John 00 Fleming's Global Trance Grooves, The Move on XM Radio, and Digitally Imported Radio. Jay also produces 'The Static Channel' his monthly radio show on di.fm . With releases on Iboga, Pharmacy Music, Propulsion, Soular Records and JOOF Recordings, 2006 was a break out year for this American producer. Along with his musical partner, John C, Jay forms half of the group Zero Divide. Their hard-edged progressive sound has received world class support from DJs like Christopher Lawrence, Paul van Dyk, John 00 Fleming, Nicholas Bennison, John O Bir, John Askew, Above & Beyond, and others. Jay has completed remixes for Christopher Lawrence, John 00 Fleming, Astrix, Wizzy Noise, and Hujaboy. Some of his recent tracks , such as "Fused", "Left Deaf" and "Rasa Lila" have all been featured on The Essential Mix by Christopher Lawrencethe, #4 rated DJ in the world. Christopher not only selected Jays remix of Fused for his Gatecrasher "Live in Moscow" mix CD, but also his remix of Rasa Lila. Fused, deemed Single of the Month in IDJ magazine, also hit #2 on the Beatport top seller chart, while remaining in the top 10 for more than six weeks. http://myspace.com/jayselwaymusic

Jen Woolfe (Leschi Loung, Dreemworld - SEA) began her DJ career in 2001, after realizing her favorite spot on the dance floor was closest to the DJ booth, watching the hands of every Deep and Tech House DJ that came to her hometown of Seattle. Soon after she picked up Deep Dish's Global Underground, she made the move to Progressive House, a genre that succumbs to her seductive style and intimate journeys. Jen began to play for local clubs in early 2003. She also began promotions for events of her own, making a name for herself in both the club and party scene. In 2005, she teamed up with fellow musician Mel Sky to promote one of the most successful Afterhours monthlies Seattle has seen in recent years, the Leschi Lounge. At the same time, Jen returned to her Alt-Rock roots by fusing the dance and rock genres and tinting her style with elegant Electro. Jen's versatility with genres allows her to play any time of night at any venue, so long as its House. Her desire to bring together diverse communities under one groove has helped her to be one of the most loved and devoted DJ's in the city. Jen has played at venues across the U.S., including San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver BC, Boston, Boise, Las Vegas & Black Rock City, NV. She currently hosts the monthly web broadcast Leschi Lounge on Oseao.com every 3rd Wednesday 8-10pm. Listen to mixes and read about her adventures at http://www.jenwoolfe.com; http://www.myspace.com/jenwoolfe.

Osiris Indriya (Iboga Records, Oracle Gatherings, IOSIS Art Party - SEA) is a legend of the West Coast Underground Dance scene. He has been featured with underground artists such as Brian, Brad, and Trevor of L.A. Moontribe, and Lorin (Bassnectar) from Santa Cruz/SF, CA. Osiris has also been featured along side recording artists Atmos, Ticon (Digital Structures Sweden), Human Blue (Spiral Trax, chill code - Sweden), Ganga Giri (Australia) and SunControlSpecies (Zenon, Iboga - Australia), as well as Antix, FREq, Beat Bizarre, and DJ Banel from Danish Progressive label Iboga Records where he is now an official label DJ. All this while playing at forest, desert, beach, and indoor gatherings, club nights, and festivals up and down the west coast, as well as internationally including the Double 6 in Kuta, Bali and Shambhala Music Fesival in Nelson, Canada. Driven to take Seattle to the next level, Osiris has been deep into creating several projects. He has teamed up with Infinite Connections to bring the best of Europes tribal progressive trance music and world class art to the Pacific Northwest in a series of events called IOSIS Art Parties. As co-founder of the Oracle Gatherings, he is bringing a new paradigm in a growing dance community by integrating with the Northwests mythical undercurrent. All this has helped inspire the release of his all original progressive and downtempo CD, "Reach Within". http://www.osirisindriya.com/

Amanita (IOSIS Art Party - SEA) From the rain soaked environment of the North West and with a deep love for electronic music, Brian Parker local dj, producer, promoter and A&R Representative for Infinite Connections has been featured alongside a global family of innovative, and underground electronic music producers such as Hallucinogen, KoxBox, Ticon, Atmos, Jaia, Shpongle, Antix, Ace Ventura, Sun Control Species, and FreQ at a variety of festivals, gatherings and events up and down the Left Coast of the Americas. Having helped to throw events with various groups in California and the NW for the better part of a decade Brian teamed up with Infinite Connections in 2005 to help shape and create a series of events called IOSIS Art Parties. Bringing together a world of audio and visual alchemy IOSIS Art Party continues to merge the many exciting media available to artists and musicians to create interactive events and gatherings. While maintaining a deep respect for his psychedelic roots Amanita now seeks to bridge the crossover between progressive, electro and psychedelic trance while using original music, sampling and studio edits to create a unique and driving dancefloor experience.

With Special Performances by the lovely ladies of WOMANIPURA!

Womanipura is a fire dancing troupe that bases their dance philosophy on an organic flow between the dancers and the flames. The 3 members of Womanipura - Heather, Jessica & Lily - approach their fire dancing with this in mind. Using elements of dance, yoga, capoeira, gymnastics, contact dance and improv, each member is able to contribute their own style to the troupe, creating an awe-inspiring show of sisterhood and flames. http://www.myspace.com/womanipura

IOSIS Art Party Art Exhibit - Curator: Teresa Payne - Intense Payne

John Karl Goehring My fascination with the tactile of natural and manmade materials piques my basic interest to experiment. I push the boundaries of original or intended use of whatever materials I might be working at the moment. A reoccurring theme of transformation of natural materials by human manipulation to art and eventual return to terra follows the circular path of life, death and rebirth. The flow of the transformation can be dictated by the kind of materials, thus resulting in a transformation that might take days to months, years or even millennia. Expressing through art began early in my youth. Batik, ceramics, drawing, screen printing, wood block printing, linoleum block printing, technical drawing, leather tooling, and sewing are a few of the subjects I studied. Acquiring an Associate of Art from Seattle Central Community College in 1996 fueled my desire to create art on a regular basis. The beginning of 2005 and entry to the University of Washington Art School brought a renewed full time dedication to creation. I completed the U.W. BFA Sculpture program in December of 2006. My forte is drawing with graphite. I am especially fond of experimenting with fine papers, inks, brushes and acrylic paints.

Shannon Leah Danks Inspired by creativity My passion is uniting mind, body and spirit. Have found through experience and participation it increases my awareness and vitality. Enjoy expressing myself through a variety of mediums. Please visit http://www.myspace.com/shanstuff for more info. Also for a free download and to listen to my band "Whipped" please visit: http://www.myspace.com/whippedtheband or http://www.garageband.com/artist/whippedtheband

Chris "MANOW" Lemmen Art embellishes life. Everyone deserves to enjoy original art in their home, office, and garden. My goal is to create a wide variety of interesting and dramatic pieces that are available to patrons with a modest budget for artwork, and have fun while Im doing it. I love working with all types of metal and creating art from reclaimed materials. I see art in remnants and acquire materials from a variety of interesting and sometimes unusual places. My extensive travel throughout the world and particularly in South East Asia has been extremely influential in developing my own design style. I am most influenced by Asian and Art Deco design. My belief is that the two compliment each other and work well with many architectural styles. I also love Retro designs and patterns, cubism, and abstract art. Ive been fascinated with metal fabrication and construction since I was a teenager. I occasionally worked with metal for artistic and functional applications during a 21 Year career with the US Army Rangers and Special Forces. After my retirement from service, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for metal work. I attended the Welding Fabrication program at South Seattle Community College where I learned advanced welding techniques, layout, fabrication, and blacksmithing. I have experimented and perfected a multitude of finishing processes; texture and polish, traditional patinas, heat patinas, and commercial coatings to use in my artwork. http://www.steelbamboo.com

Crow For years I had been creating acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings that reflected my passion for the outdoors. While outdoors I would notice interesting driftwood on the beach, or organic debris along the trail & creeks and started to pack out the best examples. My aim is to create a fun, functional, piece of art with a Zen-like, peaceful overtone. I am constantly on the hunt for interesting found art, to accentuate my paintings. All my art is NW home grown, produced in Seattle. I do murals and commission work too. Other examples can be seen at: http://www.jcrowart.com

--Art Available for purchase--

Body System Dark Art Party Lower Level:

Endif (CrunchPod - NV) draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences and influences and distills them into weapons-grade hard-electronic; Original sonic compositions incorporating a syncrete of techniques with a mind altering rhythmic bent and a fierce uncompromising aesthetic. Since 1994 Endif has played close t live shows with a diverse roster of artists, tracks have been featured on numerous compilations, remixes published on close to a dozen albums. 2005 saw a split EP with Caustic, and Crunch Pod released Endif's first full length CD 'Meta' in 2006. http://www.myspace.com/endif

C/A/T (CrunchPod - CA) [pronounced "cat"] started out as a solo, audio experiment by Crunch Pod label founder Ben Arp. After several CD-R only releases, C/A/T introduced itself with the "Worldwide Totalitarian Control" CD-EP. The "WTC" EP and the following album "The Prisoner" were both tied heavily to political commentary and still maintained many of the more experimental aspects of C/A/T's earlier days. C/A/T's next offering was 2005's "The Rogue Pair". It was at this time, Arp added band member Kat to the project for additional live support. The more accessible rhythmic noise sound ushered in with "The Rogue Pair" opened the door for C/A/T to play live more often and at higher profile events and clubs. Not wanting to drop completely off the radar until a new album was ready, C/A/T released the "ATF" EP in on June 6th, 2006. "ATF" featured two of C/A/T's most popular tracks, 'Smashed' and '(We Make) Music To Piss You Off' and is limited to 666 copies making it one of the more sought after releases in the C/A/T discography. The post-"ATF" era of C/A/T featured a lot of line-up changes and sporadic live shows [playing such events as the 2006 edition of the Reverence Festival in Madison, Wisconsin and C.O.M.A. 4 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada]. Arp finally finished an album called "Point Of No Return" which was released in June of 2007. "Point Of No Return" featured more structured song-writing and the project's first attempt at adding vocals and lyrics to the tracks. Arp is currently in the studio working on C/A/T's 3rd full length album, "51X", which has a projected release date of May 2008. http://www.crunchpod.com/

DJ Coldheart (Isolation - SEA) Since 2003, DJ Coldheart has been turning black the grey skies of Seattle, and quickly gained a reputation with his knowledge and love of the music, and his instinct and ability to keep nights entertaining and intriguing at the same time. He was a resident DJ of the Vogue, has supported dozens of shows around town from Converter to Death in June, from Gene Loves Jezebel to Snog, and has spun at various theme nights and parties. For two years running he was voted as a finalist as Seattle's favorite DJ in NW Source People's Picks. He currently hosts a monthly night at C.H.A.C., and spins a regular night at the Mercury. http://www.djcoldheart.com; http://www.myspace.com/djcoldheart

Midnight performance suspension by...

Pure Cirkus was born in 2003 as a Seattle-based body art theatre group called P.U.R.E. (People Undergoing Real Experiences). For two years the group performed only within the small community of body modification and suspension, keeping to nightclubs and private events. In the summer of 2005, as they began combining both circus talents and body modification, the group realized that they had something far larger then they had ever imagined. On Oct 28th 2005, almost overnight, the group called P.U.R.E was transformed into PURE Cirkus and performed for the first time under their new name. By pulling together talented performers from all over the country they push the limits of the human mind and body by combining circus performance with Tribal theatre. They have embraced all forms of entertainers such as jugglers, clowns, sideshow freaks, fire, suspension and piercing enthusiasts, dancers, acrobats, aerialists, musicians and other circus and cabaret artists that have come together to build what will be a lasting circus that will entertain people for generations. http://www.purecirkus.com

Body Systems Dark Art Party Art Exhibit - Curator: Teresa Payne - Intense Payne

Kellie Becker is an emerging starving artist currently dwelling in Bellingham Washington. Her artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Bellingham and Seattle. In 2007, she was one of twelve winners of a juried competition for the Emerging Artist Calendar, Los Angeles, Ca. With no formal training, she refers to her style as organic abstract.

Jessica Geiger "What I love about animals is that they are spontaneous and exist fully in the moment. They are always moving, changing and never static. I exercise a similar spontaneity in my paintings. The animal's vitality and movement are expressed in the quick, sure strokes of the palette knife. The results are always unpredictable. Ive always been fascinated by bats because they have character on their faces. Growing up, my father would go outside at night looking for bats near lights where they hunt for insects. " The palette knife technique was inspired by watching landscape painters on television and watching a friend do abstract paintings.

Gabriela Sugier I am in love with all forms of art. Music, dance, writing and painting have been constant companions to me throughout my life. I find all these forms to be an inspiration to each other, a synergy that evolves into a new image or being that shows itself on the canvas. I believe that recognizing the divine nature of form, movement and color around us is one of the easiest paths to bliss. In an attempt to capture what my heart has noticed I continue to explore all kinds of media to bring out what asks to be seen. http://www.myspace.com/allgateswithin

--Art Available for purchase--

Seed of Life Chill Room:

Byron Dreamweaver (Entheos Gathering - BC) Based on the westcoast of beautiful British Columbia, Byron Dreamweaver is a modern day nomad dedicated to spreading the light of peace wherever he happens to be in the world. Through the use of deep shamanic downtempo or uplifting progressive psytrance, Byron's mission is to sculpt beautiful soundscapes that move the body and soul and create healing experiences for everyone attending. If Byron Dreamweaver comes to your part of the world, you can be sure that his is a presence that will not be forgotten. Om shanti. http://www.byrondreamweaver.com

Mythril (Deliria BC) Mythril is known for his deep morning sets with uplifting melodic messages and thumping, groovy basslines, graceful launches and gentle landings. His versatility ranges from neo full-on and progressive psychedelic trance (saiko, not psycho), to breakbeats, asian remix, psy dub and mid-downtempo that you can dance to. Mithril is the mythical elvish alloy - impervious, light to wield, and majikal. It was made into enchanted armour and weapons by the elves of Middle Earth when they forged friendship with the dwarves of the mountains. Ian Tomas has been a multi-instrumentalist since 1987 involved in live projects in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver of diverse genres. In 1998 he started djing in the west coast's electronic underground at annual fesitvals. These include: Shambhala, Amazone, Unity, Faeries & Fools, Intention, Diversity, In:Vision, Karma, Reconvergence of the Tribes, Alluvium, Soothe, Coastal Sessions, Lumina, Entheogenesis, Symmetree, and Solstice Gatherings. http://www.mythril.ca/

Mentats (Miss Solar System Seattle) Hailing from the intergalactic, genre warping group- Miss Solar System, their combined production and performance highlights include: KJ Sawka, BeeHive, The Fading Collection, The Diamond Hand, Ripley, Christ Analogue, Vertebrae, i-9, Data Phantastiq , and more. Their unique treatments of Ambient/Down-tempo, Breaks, Hip-hop, Psytrance, and Drum'n'Bass have been featured at events such as: Critical Massive, IOSIS Art Party, Phoenix Festival, SeaCompression, Tokyo 2025 (1+2), Fremont Fair and more! - The surprise hit of the 2006 Primal Matter Chill Room, this time, it's bigger, better and sure to set your mind in motion!! http://www.myspace.com/thementats

Sound by: LUCID Audio

Graphic design by: Osiris Indriya

Vendor and Sponsorship Coordination by: Spitfire Productions

Decorations by: Kristina Kokonis

Lighting by: Big Dark Spot

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Like the final stage in Alchemy, IOSIS Art Parties blend together the power of different worlds and transforms them into something new. Pulsating beats, inspirational sights, scrumptious treats, and visions through light put them all together and you get IOSIS Art Party the finest international trance music and visual art. IOSIS Art Party Tribe; IOSIS Art Party Myspace

From Infinite Connections, creators of IOSIS Art Parties and Breaks & Freaks, comes Body Systems Dark Art Party, an exploration into the shadowy sides of art and music. http://www.myspace.com/bodysystemsdarkartparty

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