647 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Join us for a night of gritty, hard-hitting, and ripping, live dance music from Sila and the Afrofunk Experience, dance moves from the Afrofunk Sisters and world famous African Djs Jeremiah (from Liberia) and Mpenzi (from Kenya). Partial Proceeds to benefit Save the Children Fund for Kids in Kashmir. The band is also asking for donations of warm cloths, blankets and jackets.

Sila and the Afrofunk Experience SELL OUT the Elbo Room every time. The band is notoriously know for it's high energy, good vibes, dance-infused grooves that keep music lovers swaying way past closing time! This show will sell out, so get your tickets early! Advance tickets can be purchased at The Elbo Room or at ticketweb.com. This event is only $25 and proceeds from the show will be donated to kids in Kashmir. This is a Get down, do good, feel good event.

In 2005, Sila and the Afrofunk Experience donated over $5000 from various concerts to needy children in the US (Katrina), Pakistan and Darfur, Sudan. Sila, who is an outspoken advocate for peace and children, also produces the Afrofunk Music Festival, which raises awareness and funds for Kids affected by war, hunger and AIDS in Africa.

*******PRESS REVIEWS*******

James Brown's dance floor boogie strut infused with the manic drumming and serpentine guitar jams of Sila's native Kenya

Sila and his Afro Funk Experience are in the energy exchange business: you give it up, they give it back with interest---no bribes involved. Try that trick with a Nigerian policeman.

What do you get when you combine traditional African rhythms with the sexiness of Prince, soul of Otis Redding and a little James Brown funk? Come find out as Sila and the Afro-funk Experience spread the ultimate international vibe. With Kenyan roots and a progressive love of American music, this will be a serious session on the dancefloor and a unique education for your ears
Prepare yourself for music that'll titillate the aural senses and move your body to another continent.

Kenyan expatriate Victor Sila is a man on a mission: to have a seriously funky good time. The founder of a style he calls Afro-funk, he has also named his band the Afro-Funk Experience, which is basically what will happen to you. The Experience's sets are invariably long, sweaty labors of love -- in addition to syncopated grooves, percussive breaks, and Sila's fervent multilingual vocals, there's another, more interactive element. Simply put, the more love you show Sila and company when they're onstage, the more they'll return to you. Now go tell your momma 'bout that.

Sila and The Afrofunk Experience has exploded onto the Bay Area world music scene with an irresistible blend of traditional African and Afro-Latin rhythms, slinky guitar, and Sila's syrupy Swahili and English vocals. The five-piece also throws some crucial reggae skank and hip-hop swagger into the mix, resulting in an upbeat, multiculti celebration that's guaranteed to keep you glued to the dance floor.

By Ginevra Kirkland

Sila and the Afrofunk Experience create music that's like a rubber band ricocheting back and forth across decades and continents. African artists and rhythms influenced many American artists like James Brown and Prince, who the band then listened to and fused with African sounds. Sila leads a talented group of musicians who draw on diverse influences to form a solid, Africanized world beat groove. This group has played with everyone from Spearhead to Ballet National du Senegal. The lineup contains: on djembe, Samba Guisse, on bass SF native Wendell Rand, on horns is the inimitable Mike Pitre, Tai Kenning on drums, guitars by Ken House and David James, percussion by Elvis Nensah, and Jeremiah Kpoh on turntable

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