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New Voices from Japan

Tzadik Label Music Series: New Voices from Japan - Haino Keiji, Makigami Koichi, Yamataka Eye

Performing Arts Spring 2006

Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13
7:30 pm

Curated by John Zorn. Presented in association with Tzadik.

An unprecedented meeting of avant-garde masters of experimental music, these two evenings of extreme vocalist-musicians launch Japan Society?s new music series collaboration with Tzadik, the nonprofit record label founded in 1995 by John Zorn. Over two concerts, a surprising combination of solos, duos and trios produces an unpredicatable kaleidoscope of sounds and screeches, featuring the boldest vocal works in Japan?s new music scene: vocalist-composer, theremin-player and pioneer in avant-noise-music Makigami Koichi, known for leading the longest-running underground band Hikashu; disturbing iconoclast Yamataka Eye, who first garnered public attention with his violent noise group Hanatarash and later as the front man vocalist for the Boredoms; and underground noise guitar-hero Haino Keiji, Japanese wizard and true star. This dynamic meeting features U.S.-based guests voice-master and leader of Fantomas Mike Patton; American post-classical composer Jim O?Rourke; breath-taking laptop pioneer Mori Ikue; and radical composer-saxophonist John Zorn himself.

Tickets: $30 ($25 for Japan Society members)

2-day pass: $46 ($38 for Japan Society members); please call (212) 715-1258 to purchase the pass.

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