32 Second Avenue
New York City, New York

My New York by Derek Horton, Jenny Lam, Jonathan Cheng, Aaron Mincey, Bertil Gaspard, Jawara Drigo, Emily Lu, Mohammed Yakub & John Dargan
A young girl feels New York City is a boring place until she finds a pair of magical glasses that change her point of view. (fiction, 5 min)

The Skin I'm In by Natalie Setoute
Natalie desires to get into film school despite her daily struggle against Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. (doc, 16 min)

El Mariachi Infante by Rosalino Ramos
Rosalino grew up in a mariachi family, and just like all his brothers, has been playing mariachi music as long as he can remember. (doc, 12 min)

Diary of a Young Father by Michael Rosa
A day in the life of a High School teenage father. His responsibilities and future plans as a family man. (doc, 5 min)

Skate by Michael Cannon-Ford
Young skateboarders discuss their passion, challenges and the need for more city sponsored skateboard parks. (doc, 5 min)

2mins5 by Fouzia Najar, music by Zerobridge 16mm music video from Zerobridge's second album
There We Were, Now Here We Are. (music video, 3 min)

Senioritis by Fouzia Najar
A profile of Danielle, a charismatic and driven high school senior in the Bronx. (doc, 7 min)

Excuse My Gangsta Ways by Corinne Manabat
The story of Davina Wan, a Chinese American former gang member in the 1990s. (doc, 15 min)

Walking Home by Nuala Cabral
Experimental short about women facing street harassment as they walk home. (experimental, 4 min)

Trust Me by Sienna Pinderhughes
Sam meets an older guy named Chris while out shopping for her prom dress. (fiction, 10 min)

Squeaky Wheel by Tracey Huger, Marisa Franco, Wilkie Cornelius Jr & Ayisha Owens
A coming of age story about a girl with big dreams in a tough neighborhood. (fiction, 7 min)

Becca Steals a Puppy by Rob Cangiano, music of Bryan Zimmerman's Corpse of Discovery
Bored, sad and lonely in Brooklyn. What's a girl to do? (fiction, 5 min)

Wednesday, March 2nd at 7PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Admission: $6

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