1842 E. Winter Park Rd.
Orlando, Florida

I brought up the idea of having a local news producers meetup at BarCamp, and we all had some good discussions about projects we'd like to start or finish.

Matt Sokolof, Michael Poley and I hosted a discussion out on the patio about Local News. A few folks were very active contributors, like Brenda Young from Tampa, Kieth Barret from Disney, and Daniel Jaye, who now works for a company called Ad Summos, and is Matt's boss.

Someone said "when is the meetup"? I said pick a date, and a place, we'll organize it.

Well here it is.

Topic? How about a one-month post-mortem on the iPad. Has anything really changed in a month? Can anyone bring in numbers from their web analytics showing adoption? Or for folks who have created applications, what effects have been seen to date?

I'd love for this group to produce some of its own media - so maybe we can make a little video, audio or blog post to follow up after each event. Sounds fun? Do we have any volunteers?

Official Website: http://floridacreatives.com/barcamp/event/new-media-orlando-meetup

Added by kerm52 on April 6, 2010