850 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, Nevada

The 4th Annual New Media Expo is an annual convention that educates individuals and companies about how to produce high-quality audio and video digital content, grow a loyal audience, and market or monetize that content in creative ways.

The Expo is a "prosumer" and corporate event that brings together influential digital media creators, podcasters and content developers to cover the complete range of creation techniques, business objectives and future trends.

The Expo is also a major networking event where content creators can share ideas and build partnerships.

Official Website: http://www.NewMediaExpo.com

Added by TNC New Media on August 2, 2007



I wish you had kept the same September weekend. I know we can't make it in August next year. Oh well, we'll just stick to the Pod Camps.

Ewan Spence

Agreed with the dates, mid-August is not only incredibly hot in Vegas, but slap bang in the middle of a time when I can't take a few days out. Bah :-(


Looking forward to being there in the new location! Thinking about how we can bring a virtual Beach Walks so prepare to chill out with us there. :-)


YEA i was trying to avoid vegas during the summer for now on coz it gets blistering hot. but I AM GOING for the expo!
:) I have such a great time meeting new people!
1 Indie Nation podcast
x rachael


Viddler is goin too! http://blog.viddler.com/brandice/viddler-is-going-to-new-media-expo/ check it out to see how to get your customized tshirt.

@rox - lookin forward to meeting shane & you in person :)


Biz podcasters x-promo breakfast meet-up: Fri 8/15 7am-8:30am: If anyone with a business-oriented podcast would like to connect to discuss cross-promotion and production ideas, there will be an informal meet-up over breakfast at 7am on Friday 8/15 at The Buffet in the Las Vegas Hilton. I will be standing at the entrance, wearing my NME badge -- be sure to come and introduce yourself. Then we'll grab some breakfast and all have a confab to trade ideas. Feel free to call me on my mobile 770-500-5316 if you need to reach me. I hope to see you there! Tim Sullivan, Selling Geek: Tech Reviews for Sales Pros, http://sellinggeek.com, [email protected]


Lets be sure to meet up!


I be on my way In a day. This should be a great time. It will be hot huh? http://www.jaansworld.com chck out my show! andhttp://www.utterz.com/u/utt/u-NTEyMjUwNw#NTEyMjUwNw


I be on my way In a day. This should be a great time. It will be hot huh? http://www.jaansworld.com chck out my show! and http://www.utterz.com/u/utt/u-NTEyMjUwNw#NTEyMjUwNw

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