2209 2nd Ave.
Seattle, Washington 98121

A mix of media, from high-tech computer programming to low-tech street art, makes its way to McLeod next month in four new exhibits.

An animation installation by Brent Watanabe, paintings by Curtis Taylor, and photography by April Brimer open on Friday, October 3 with a reception from 5-9pm.

The McLeod Room will be guest curated by ten-year-old Joshua Lindenmayer, aka Jetpack McLeod, with an exhibit called Birds, Buffalos and Baldmans, featuring street artists Starhead Boy, Narboo, and Bald Man Watching. Birds, Buffalos and Baldmans will also have a separate afternoon reception on Saturday, October 11 at 2pm.

The exhibits will be up until November 22.

Official Website: http://www.mcleodresidence.com

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