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Documentary Feature
Waiting For NESARA
Director: Zeb & Elisa Haradon
77 min. USA, 2005

Meet Jim, ringleader of the Open Mind Forum - a Salt Lake City collective of social outcasts (mostly ex-communicated Mormons) seeking sanctuary in Jim's dubious promises of financial rewards stemming from a secret government law. Fueled by an internet tip, Jim learns of NESARA, the National Economic Stabilization And Recovery Act, allegedly put into effect by Bill Clinton.
In an attempt to expose NESARA's objectives, Jim holds weekly meetings in the lunchroom of a KFC. Believing they are the "most advanced light waves of light workers that have ever been known for the last 40 billion light years" Jim's devout followers take refuge in his rhetoric and anxiously await the governmental changes NESARA's implementation will bring. Changes that include the dissolution of Congress, the IRS, credit card debt and the public disclosure that President Bush is, in actuality, a reptilian alien. It is on this "Day of Deliverance" that Jesus Christ will descend from the heavens in a UFO to take charge of the United States government and reward his believers with wealth.
The group's blind devotion is not discouraged by the continuous delay of NESARA's announcement. Instead, they hold the "dark forces" accountable for staging 9/11 and the government's involvement in the Iraq war as ways of stopping the "white knights" from fulfilling the prophecies of Jim. Despite the constant interference of the "dark forces" the group faithfully awaits NESARA as the "first wave saviors" of the new era of government.
Waiting for NESARA resists the temptation to make fun of these people. Directors Zeb Haradon (Elevator Movie) and Elisa Haradon realize that Jim and company do a pretty good job at making fun of themselves. It is this restraint and non-judgmental voice that make NESARA succeed as a documentary. Watch Jim's brainchild unfold.
-Justyna Kornacka, Boston Underground Film Festival

Official website: http://www.waitingfornesara.com


Offers a compelling peek into the beliefs and values of a group of cultists.


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