University of Brighton, Village Way, Falmer
Eastbourne, England BN1 9PH

Neuroscience is increasingly moving out of the lab and into our everyday lives, in the form of new technologies which promise to heal, entertain and inform us with deeper insights into ourselves.

A chance for undergraduate students, faculty, and members of the public to get the chance to see neuroscience technology at first hand.

Visitors will have the chance to:

- Drive a train by mind power.
- ‘Fly’ through space by re-training your brain waves.
- Enter an altered state of mind with flashing lights.
- Put your memory to the test for the chance to win a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista Ultimate.
- See your mental activities displayed on a computer screen.
- Transform yourself from a fish to a human through the power of the controlled breath.

Organised by the University of Brighton Psychology Society in conjunction with The University of Sussex based Mindlab International, this is a chance to see the work of people in the exciting field of neuroscience.

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